Want to go on a unique road trip in Korea? Here are 3 best sights to visit in Ulsan
Want to go on a unique road trip in Korea? Here are 3 best sights to visit in Ulsan
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Ulsan, natural and clean city, has best sights to visit.

The autumn sky in Korea is so blue and brilliant. Outside of Seoul what about going to a natural and clean city if you find a different place to visit in Korea? That is Ulsan. Ulsan will give you a watercolor picture including all kinds of nature such as mountain, wind and river. Ulsan so-called healing sights, is harmonious with pure nature and beautiful scenery. Especially you do not need to pay for a ticket or parking fee to enter attractions in almost all places there, so you can save money. Naeilmohaji will introduce 3 best sights in Ulsan where you can enjoy picturesque view without spending extra money. 


‘Ganjeolgot’ is the place where you can see the first sunrise of the year,
earlier than anywhere else in Korea 

‘Ulsan Ganjeolgot’ is popular for the best place to see the first sunrise in the eastern part of Korea.

You cannot say you have been to Ulsan unless you go to ‘Ganjeolgot’. Ganjeolgot is one of 3 most iconic sunrise spots in the eastern part of Korea like Jeongdongjin, Homigot. Furthermore Ganjeolgot is the first sunrise spot earlier than anywhere else in the east coast of Korea. This is why you can see the sunrise 1 minute earlier than Homigot and 5 minutes earlier than Jeongdongjin. 

You can see picturesque view of scenery in Ulsan.

Ganjeolgot looks like a scenery picture showing always beautiful and stunning sea, exotic white lighthouse, and a small park. If you visit Ulsan, it is a must to visit Ganjeolgot and enjoy the sunrise.  

Address : Daesong-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
Tel : 052-229-7000


Let’s take a walk together along with
the sea-road of ‘Daewangam Park’

‘Daewangam Park’ shows magnificent view, surrounded with large rocks carved into interesting shapes by the wind and ocean.

Ulsan ‘Daewangam Park’ is home for Queen Munmu of sila to be with her husband, Munmu of Sila. It is surrounded with small and large rocks carved into interesting shapes by the wind and ocean, showing magnificent view.

Waking along with the stroll path, enjoy the view of East Sea in Korea.

You can enjoy the picturesque view of East Sea along with the seaside which leads to Seuldo Island. There is a white lighthouse, Ulgi named by Japan after Russo-Japanese War in 1906, which means ‘the end of Ulsan’. Take a walk through Daewangam Park and feel the beauty of rocks and sea.  

Address : 155, Deungdae-ro, Dong-gu, Ulsan
Tel : 052-209-3753


Let’s enjoy pure and natural festival 
in ‘Taehwagang’ river 


‘Taehwagang’ river cuts across the heart of Ulsan city from east to west. It is known for one of nature attractions.

There is Han-river in Seoul, if so what about Ulsan? Ulsan has Taehwagang-river too. Taehwagang river flows from east to west of Ulsan city. It is the popular sight to visit not only Ulsan citizens but also many people. Having struggled for the improvement of clean water and ecological restoration, it is changed from dead river in the past into Grade 1~2 clean water. 

‘Taehwagang’ river is famous as a destination site for migratory birds, in which salmons and otters live.

It is now getting famous as an ecological park which is a destination site for migratory birds and salmons and otters live in.

Address : 67, Naeosan-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea


Take your time, going on a trip to Ulsan in Korea
Feeling sick and tired of your ordinary life and want to go on a trip to Korea? How about a healing trip in a pure and natural city? Ulsan is not a famous attraction yet but gives you romantic trip. 

Pictures: Ulsan official website and blog, KTO Korea Tourism Organization etc, Editor’s pics  


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