Trip in Seoul, 4 places of ‘Dokseodang-ro’ gallery tour from Hannam-dong to Oksu-dong
Trip in Seoul, 4 places of ‘Dokseodang-ro’ gallery tour from Hannam-dong to Oksu-dong
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 Go on ‘art trip’ to Dokseodang-ro!

There has been ‘a rising place of interest’ recently in Seoul in Korea. That is a road named ‘Dokseodang-ro’ leading from Hannam-dong to Oksu-dong. This so-called popular Art place by 2030 generation in Korea is located along with several different art galleries. Introducing 4 spots located in Dokseodang-ro of gallery tour, I am sure these will awake your soul of art and blow your mind. 

‘Sounds Hannam’
is all the rage for hipsters. 

‘Sounds Hannam’ is the cultural complex art space. It is a rising popular place in Hannam-dong for hipsters.

‘Sounds Hannam’ has opened this year and has been ‘the most popular place in Seoul in 2018’ and as popular as Gangnam. Stunning and fascinating shops are there, so many people always stand in line on weekends. 

Gana Art Hannam’ in Sounds Hannam displays both national and international exhibitions.

Not only concept stores of global brands such as Aesop, Philips, etc but also SNS popular places like café Quartet, Eyewear boutique OROR, do so many people always stand in. ‘Still Books’, which focuses on curation of books, shows a variety of both national and international magazines and books in respect of art, design, etc. ‘Gana Art Hannam’ shows both national and international solo art exhibitions. Each space has each characteristic in ‘Sounds Hannam’, which is a must to visit. 

Address : Daesagwan-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Open : 08:00~24:00
Tel : 02-511-7443 

‘Gallery Joeun’ is a place
where everyday life encounters with artistic inspiration

‘Gallery Joeun’ displays artworks of both established and emerging artists from overseas and Korea every month.

Dokseodang-ro leads from Hannam-dong to Oksu-dong. ‘Gallery Joeun’ is located at the starting point of Dokseodang-ro. Gallery Joeun opens its door to the public on Jan, 2016. It introduces artistic works of contemporary Korean artists and overseas artists every month and displays their works and emerging artists’ works too. 

You can appreciate artistic works without hurry in a small space.

Here is getting an iconic gallery for not only people but also residents in Hannam-dong. As residents in Hannam-dong take a walk for a moment, they would buy a piece of work sometimes. It is a good recommendation for those who want to encounter artworks without hurry. 

Address: 28, UN village-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Open : Mon~Sat 10:00~18:00 (Sun, Holiday Off)
Tel : 02-790-5889


‘Print bakery’ is not a bakery
but art-masterpiece. 

Print bakery’s goal is to help people feel familiar with artworks

There are lots of art galleries in Dokseodang-ro. ‘Print bakery’ out of them catch people’s eyes with its trendy vibe. It displays digital prints and focuses on feeling free to see works as if people buy some bread in a bakery. 

People can see and buy a variety of limited editions or original works of artists.

You can see and own a famous artist’s works from limited edition pieces to original pieces in ‘Print bakery’. Come and see works which connect household goods with art. Enjoy young and trendy art shopping in ‘Print bakery’.

Address: 87, Dokseodang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Open : 10:00~19:00
Tel : 02-795-5888


Go on ‘art trip’ bringing your inspiration to Dokseodang-ro!
Gallery tour in Dokseodang-ro helps you get art-inspiration and presents special time. On this coming weekend, Let’s go on art trip while walking from Hannam-dong to Oksu-dong.

Pictures: Editor’s pics, Sounds Hannam, Gana Art Hannam, Gallery Joeun, Print bakery 

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