A Trip in Korea during Autumn: Four Places to See Autumn Leaves in 2018
A Trip in Korea during Autumn: Four Places to See Autumn Leaves in 2018
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Where are the best hot spots for autumn leaves and weather?

It's autumn, the season when the sleeves get longer, and the wind blows over the tip of your nose. From the end of September to the middle of October, we enter a foliage season where every corner of the country will be dyed with red leaves. If you're looking for a place where you can enjoy the romance of autumn, how about Korea's fall destinations, places where you can enjoy the foliage? Let's take a look at the four of the fastest-flowing destinations for the 2018 fall season.


The 2018 Foliage Season



Maple change start date: 09.27 / Peak maple date: 10.18

Maple change start date: 10.02 / Peak maple date: 10.17

- Chiaksan
Maple change start date: 10.08 / Peak maple date: 10.23

- Bukhansan
Maple change start date: 10.15 / Peak maple date: 10.29

- Gyeryongsan
Maple change start date: 10.19 / Peak maple date: 10.29

- Palgongsan
Maple change start date: 10.19 / Peak maple date: 10.30

- Naejangsan
Maple change start date: 10.21 / Peak maple date: 11.09

- Jirisan
Maple change start date: 10.12 / Peak maple date: 10.26

- Mdeungsan
Maple change start date: 10.24/ Peak maple date: 11.07

- Hallasan
Maple change start date: 10.19/ Peak maple date: 11.01


Maple change start date: 09.27 / Peak maple date: 10.18

'Seoraksan' is the quickest way to see fall foliage in Korea.

Mt. Seorak retains its blue color throughout the four seasons and is the quickest place to see fall foliage in Korea. Seoraksan, which was designated as a biosphere conservation area by UNESCO in 1982, is one of the most popular Korean fall foliage attractions. Mt. Seorak is also commonly called “Naeseorak”, in western Injeak, “Oeseorak” in Sokcho and Yangyang County in the east, and “Namseorak” in the area of the mineral spring in Hangyereung.

Namseolak Jujeongol Valley in which you can enjoy foliage scenes / Seorak Cable Car that climbs up to the Kwangeumsung from which you can see the view of Oeseorak.

Mt. Seorak is a place to visit in Korea where there are many maple attractions. Among them, Namseorak in Jujeongol Valley offers a beautiful view of autumn foliage. Unlike other valleys on Mt. Seorak, where the trail is long and the elderly would struggle, it is accessible so that anyone can walk easily and enjoy the fall foliage up close. If you walk through the main course, don't miss out on the essential tourism courses such as Yongso Falls and Sibiseonnyeotang Valley.

Editor’s Tip
You can also enjoy Gwongeumseong Fortress, Cheonbuldong Valley, Ulsanbawi Rock, Geumganggul Cave, Biryong Falls, Towangseong Falls, and others such as a cliffhanging precipice with rocks of fantastic shapes and waterfalls near Oeseorak. At Gwongeumseong Fortress especially, you can check out all of Oeseorak’s views, and with the Seorak Cable Car, you can easily ride to just below the top of the 700m-high peak below Gwongeumseong Fortress, so come and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

Address: Buk-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Cost: 3,500 won for admission to Seoraksan National Park, 1,000 won for teenagers, 500 won for children / 10,000 won for cable cars (only on site) / 10,000 won for parking fees (private established)
Contact: +82-33-636-7700.


Maple change start date: 10.02 / Peak maple date: 10.17

'Odaesan' where you can feel the beauty of simple colorful fall foliage.

Odaesan Mountain was designated as Korea's 11th national park in 1975. Odaesan Mountain, which stretches across Pyeongchang, Gangneung, and Hongcheon, is rich in water, and boasts beautiful colorful fall foliage rather than strong primary colors. There are many sections on Odaesan Mountain where you can enjoy the fall foliage, but there are some places where you can feel the most prevalent autumn foliage.

he scenery where you can walk along the Odaesan Mountain Seonjae-gil / Woljeongsa Temple where you can tour Korea's cultural assets.

It is called the Odaesan “Sunjae-gil”, a nine-kilometer stretch from Woljeongsa Temple to Sangsang Temple. This place is covered with wide fir trees that speak the whole section’s size, so it is perfect for enjoying the forest and fall foliage. The colorful autumn foliage along the dense forest and the clear valley, passing through the main gate of the temple for about 1km, is a perfect and unique sight. The tracking course, which stretches along the Sogeum River District around Noinbong (Noin Peak), will also be a gentle slope, making it an ideal, easy destination for everyone in the family.

Editor’s Tip
In Woljeongsa you can see cultural assets such as National Treasure No. 48, Eight Angles of the 9th Stone pagoda and Treasure No. 13, a seated Buddhist saint stone construction. At Sangwonsa Temple which is at the end of Sunjae-gil, you can see the oldest bell in Korea history known to exist, which is National Treasure No. 36. Visit Odaesan Mountain, a place where you can feel the historical meaning of Korea.

Address: 2, Odaesan-ro, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
Cost: Admission to Woljeongsa: 3,000 won for adults, 1,500 won for teenagers, 500 won for children / 5,000 won for parking (May – November), 4,000 won (December - April)
Contact: +82-33-332-6417


Maple change start date: 10.08 / Peak maple date: 10.23

Mt. Chiak, a famous place for Korean maples, formerly known as “Jeogakssan”

In autumn, Mt. Chiak in Wonju, Gangwon Province, which was once called “Jeogakssan” based on the Chinese character, “Jeog”, which means “Red”, because of its beautiful red foliage. The steep valley between the peaks of over 1,000 meters above sea level makes it difficult to climb easily compared to other mountains. However, once you reach the top of Birobong Peak, you can see the mountaintop with its red foliage and a cloud cap at a glance.

Mt. Chiak with various temples including Guryong Falls and Guryongsa Temple

You can take in the fall foliage well at Mt. Chiak, especially along the “Guryong Fall Course” which If you follow the path you will see red maple trees and a yellow ginkgo trees. The course is even in the “Top 10 National Korean Parks for Foliage”. Enjoy the beauty of autumn by taking a break near Guryong Falls and Ceryeom Falls that flow through the valley of divided rocks.

Editor’s Tip
If you want to go to the top of Birobong Peak, you should climb up either the “Ladder Byeongchanggil” or the “Valley Road”. Since the ladder byeongchanggil has a lot of slopes and many stairs, I recommend that you go up the valley road if you are a beginner. Besides Guryongsa Temple, there are various temples such as Sangsangsa, Seogyeongsa, and Bomunsa. It will be a special opportunity to experience Korean traditional Buddhist culture in one place.

Address: 900, Hakgok-ri, Socho-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
Cost: 2,500 won for adults, 800 won for teenagers and 500 won for children.
Contact: +82-33-732-5231


Maple change start date: 10.15 / Peak maple date: 10.29

Bukhansan, a place where you can easily get to from Seoul for fall.

Bukhansan Mountain which surrounds the North of Seoul is located in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. Close to Seoul, this place offers various hiking courses, including a rocky course for mountain climbers as well as hiking trails that are easily accessible to people with difficulties. Bukhansan Mountain, which seems to always have new ridges and valleys, is a particularly beautiful place to visit in the fall.

Obong from Uiryeong-gil / The stone gate of Seokguram, a hidden mountain temple on Uiryeong-gil.

Bukhansan Uiryeong-gil is the longest of the 21 Bukhansan Dulegil sections and its nature is well preserved. The area was restricted from entering in 1968 and now only 1,000 visitors a day can visit through a reservation system since July 2009. However, you can enjoy the beauty of autumn foliage harmonized with pristine nature. Join us in this fall and see the beautiful five rocks, Obong, together with the fall foliage at Bukhansan Mountain.

Editor’s Tip
From the entrance to Uiryeong-gil, walk about 1km towards Gyohyeon Tour Support Center and you will find a wide space. If you climb 700m to 800m from here, you can see Seokguram, a mountain temple hidden in Uiryeong-gil. Passing the towering main gate, you will find Daewungjeon Hall, Samseonggak, Bengjonggak and Seoktap, which have been standing for a long time. Enjoying the scent of autumn in the deep mountains, the leisure will be a special healing experience for everyday life.

Address: 375, Daeseomun-gil, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Cost: free
Contact: +82-2-909-0497

Let's get leaf drunk this fall at these amazing maple spots!
As a way to enjoy 200 percent of autumn, isn't it a short foliage trip worth it? This fall make special memories at any of these maple spots with family and friends.

Photograph: by editor, Imagine Your Korea, National Park Management Corporation, Odaesan National Park Office, and Pixar Bay are provided.

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