Places worth to go in Autumn, the Best four roads for beloved couples 
Places worth to go in Autumn, the Best four roads for beloved couples 
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Romantic trip with just two of couples! 4 places worth to go and walk in Autumn

When a cold wind blows all day, we can feel that the season of autumn finally comes around us. So welcoming! Isn’t it? This is because the past summer was too hot. By the way the more time passes, the shorter it feels like the time of autumn is getting. It makes us feel sad at the same time. For those who feel sad for this short autumn, here introduces there are the best 4 roads in Korea, which will be far better if you go with your beloved. 

Suwon ‘Jige-gil’ 
shows the wonderful colors of autumn

Suwon ‘Jige-gil’ embraces the nature of Mt. Gwanggyosan

What about going to a place which has full of colors of autumn? There are 8 kinds of subjects in Suwon-8 colors-gil, where you can see around Suwon here and there. Today I am going to introduce ‘Jige-gil’ which is located around in Mt. Gwanggyosan and shows outstanding scenery, where you can enjoy forest-bathing too. This way starts with the wide and beautiful view of Gwanggyo reservoir. Here is enough to enjoy this season because of many of maple trees turning into a variety of colors around Gwanggyo reservoir.   

Jige-gil has things to see such as springs, farms, a cloud bridge.

Jige-gil is located along with each small hill. Walking along the way, you can see a small farm planting cute succulent plants and a mineral spring to help your thirst go away. Its road goes with Pajangsijang, which is a market. If you get tired after long walk, it is good to stop by Pajangsijang and take a sweet break while eating Makgelli and Pajeon. 

Editor’s tip 
Mt. Gwanggyosan is one of the places where hiking members do love. This is because the riding course is good to ride with a mountain bike. For those couples who like to enjoy exciting activities, it will be a good recommendation to ride a mountain bike along Jige-gil.    

Address: 351, Hagwanggyo-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Inquires: 031-228-4567


The cradle of science and technology in Korea
‘Daedeok Science Road Course 2‘ 

Daedeok Science Road’ is located in Daedeok which is the heart of science education in Korea

‘Daedeok Science Road’ is good for those couples who are fully curious of science. It opened in 2011 and consists of several research institutes, observatories, science halls, and museums. You can see the most advanced science related facilities, which are surrounded in Daedeok Science Road. The beauty of this road is the road lined with Ginkgo trees.  

Daedeok Science Road Course 2 got brilliantly colored with autumn

Daedeok Science Road has two kinds of trails. I recommend Course 2. Starting from Expo Science Park, you can see a long road lined with ginkgo trees. This is why I recommend it. The trees are known for their bad-smelling fruits, but the bright Yellow color is a must to see as well. If you are sick and tired of a common date like eating, going to a café or a theater, go on a trip to Daedeok Science Road which is full of things worth to see around in this autumn.  

Editor’s tip 
Course 2 in Daedeok Science Road is located next to Daejeon KAIST where Maple trees here are all the rage for residents in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon. Walking in Yellow trees, if you need another relaxing color, change your direction to KASIT and take time with full of red Maple trees.    

Address:  480, Daedeok-daero, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
Inquires:  042-611-2466 


Ulsan ‘Ganjeolgot Somang Green Road’ 
is the road with people’s wishes coming true. 

Ulsan ‘Ganjeolgot Somang Green Road’ looks like a friend of the sea

How about meeting the Sun which is as beautiful as Maple trees? Ulsan ‘Ganjeolgot Somang Green Road’ gives you not only smells of the sea but benefits of forest bathing. On its left side, you can see East sea and on its right side, you can see the road of big Pine trees. Ganjeolgot is famous for being the most easterly point in Korea and therefore the first place to see the sun in the morning. With your beloved, here is a must to see the sun and feel this autumn.

‘Ganjeolgot Somang Green Road is full of peoples’ wishes.

Do not forget to check out the big mailbox named ‘Somang mailbox’, which is located in Ganjeolgot Somang Green Road. It is known that it is 5m high. People put a card written with their wishes in the mailbox, and then a mail man will send it to them. Ganjeolgot Lighthouse is also in the spotlight as a must to visit. It is one of 16 most beautiful lighthouses in Korea, showing the tremendous scenery along with the sea. On the right side of it, you can view a road which is located closer to the sea. Do not miss it out.  

Editor’s tip 
There are some of military zones in Ganjeolgot Somang Green Road. This is why you cannot enter there at night. It is only available till 8:00pm in summer and till 6:00pm in winter. Do not feel confused of it.  

Address:  Ganjeolgothaean-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan
Inquires:  052-229-7000 


Go on a peaceful literature trip to 
‘Course 3 Dasan Jeong Yak-yong’s Namdo Exile Road, named the village road of a poet’ in Gangjin. 

‘The village road of a poet in Jeong Yak-yong’s Namdo Exile Road’ is the best place to go on a trip in autumn

Autumn is well known for the best season to read a book. Going on a literature trip to Gangjin in Jeollanamdo is the way to enjoy this autumn as well. There are 4 kinds of courses in Dasan Jeong Yak-yong’s Namdo Exile Road, which is believed to have been used by the Joseon dynasty well-known scholar Jeong Yak-yong. 4 courses have each name and ‘the village road of a poet’ out of them is Course 3, which includes stories of not only Jeong Yak-yong but also Kim Yeong-nang who is famous for his poem ‘Until peonies bloom’. You can follow their footsteps while walking on the road. 

The village road of a poet shows a poet’s attitude to his life

The village road of a poet starts from ‘the birthplace of Yeongnang’ It got popular when it was introduced in the book, ‘My cultural heritage discoveries’ written by Yu Hong-jun. It measures as large as Korean Folk village. Going out from the birthplace of Yeongnang, and walking on a little more, you can reach Goseongsa temple. It does not look fancy but simple, showing his life and thought as it is. While walking on this road which looks simple but helps you feel moved, make the most of autumn.  

Editor’s tip 
It takes 4 and a half hours, starting from the birthplace of Yeongnang / Goseongsa temple (Boeun Sanbang) / Solchijae / GeumDang village(White Lotus pond) / Seongjeonmyeon / to Daewoldalmaji village. You should take some of snacks and water. From the birthplace of Yeongnang to Goseongsa there is up-hill and then you go down-hill. Some of people often say these heels bring knee pain, so it is a better idea to get trekking poles. 

Address: 15, Yeongnangsaengga-gil, Gangjin-eup, Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do
Inquires: 061-430-3911 


“Make romantic memory in autumn” 
Going on a trip with your beloved boy or girlfriend gives full of energy in your ordinary life. What about enjoying this autumn on the roads worth to walk? This season goes quickly, but your memories go on and on. 

Pictures: Editor’s pictures, KTO Korea Tourism Organization, Daeheungsa Temple, etc 

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