Place to Go in Seoul, Seoul Tour by a Bike
Place to Go in Seoul, Seoul Tour by a Bike
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Go Anywhere With a Bike!

“Seoul Bike” is of help to Seoul citizens. Many of the citizens over 10,000 use this service a day because it is helpful to save transportation expenses and keep their health. 

There are more strong points of the service. Bike rental shops are located all over Seoul, and hence, there is no better means of transportation to travel all around Seoul. If you are planning to take a trip in Seoul, why don’t you ride a bike and go to several tourist attractions? Let me introduce how to use the Seoul Bike, riding courses, and questions. 


How to Use Seoul Bike

Foreigners can use ‘Seoul Bike’ to take a trip in Seoul

Anyone more than 15 years old can use the Seoul Bike service. In particular, foreign tourists can easily use it. However, please note that they can use only a daily ticket for the service. 

You can use it immediately when you get access to Seoul Bike application or its mobile web page and pay the bike expenses. It is easy and simple to use, and recently, many foreign tourists have used it for traveling in Seoul because English, Chinese, and Japanese languages are available. Let’s take a close look at its expenses. 

Type General (1 hr) Premium (2 hr)
Daily Ticket 1,000KRW 2,000KRW

After renting a bicycle once, a 1-hr ticket (general) and 2-hr ticket (premium) is available. In case of time-out, 200 KRW per five minutes (changed from the service of 1,000 KRW per 30 minutes) are additionally charged. A ticket can be paid in credit card, debit card, and phone micro payment service. Please note that additional expenses will be automatically paid in the registered payment method if you exceed the time allowed.

Then, it’s time to travel in Seoul with a bike. Where can you see tourist attractions by a bike in Seoul? 


Seoul History Expedition ‘Four Main Gates of Old Seoul Course’

Changdeokgung - Gyeongbokgung - Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway 

Four Main Gates of Old Seoul Course’ Passing by Changdeokgung - Gyeongbokgung - Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway

How about exploring the history of Seoul in the middle of the area? This is a historical course from Changdeokgung to Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway. It is called ‘Four Main Gates of Old Seoul Course’ because every stop is inside of the gates. If you visit here on foot and by public transportation, it will cost at least 2,100 KRW. However, if you use Seoul Bike, you can do everything in 1,000 KRW. 

'Changdeokgung' keeps a garden of royal family.

The Four Main Gates of Old Seoul Course starts with Changdeokgung at 09:30 a.m. Changdeokgung is a royal palace during the Joseon Dynasty period located in Jongno-gu, Seoul and highly historically-valuable because it keeps a garden of the representative loyal family. 

A viewing service of Changdeokgung is divided in general viewing for freely seeing and sponsorship viewing that is required to see it with a cultural heritage commentator. If you apply for the sponsorship viewing, you can see a garden of the loyal family in Changdeokgung such as Booyongji, Aeryeonji, and Okryucheon Stream you might not see during the general viewing. How about starting to travel in Seoul by participating in the sponsorship viewing started from 09:30 a.m and taking a look at secret gardens hidden in Changdeokgung? 

'Gyeongbokgung' has opened seven palaces to general visitors since June of this year.

The sponsorship viewing will end at 10:40 a.m. Now, it is time to be out of Changdeokgung and take a trip in Seoul by a bike. The closest rental shop in Changdeokgung is located in front of Embassy of the Republic of  Portugal in Korea. You might easily find it because it is very next to Changdeokgung. After renting it and riding it through Anguk Station for 5 minutes, you can reach ‘Gyeongbokgung.’ 

If you enter into Gyeongbokgung after returning the bike in another rental shop around National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art next to the palace, it will be about 11 a.m when there is ‘Special Viewing of Seven Palaces.’ The seven palaces are graves of seven concubines who gave birth to kings and have been opened to visitors since June of this year. In other words, the palaces are ‘the brand new tourist attraction.’ After the special viewing for 20 minutes, it is highly recommended to take a walk in Gyeongbokgung. 

 'Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway' looks so unique because old and new things are mixed together.

After seeing Gyeongbokgung, let’s move to another tourist attraction. Getting out of the palace, you need to rent another bike again in a rental shop around the exit of Gyeongbokgung Station gate 7. Do not worry to pay additional expenses if you keep the time to return! Now, you need to pass through Gwanghwamun Gate spouting the cool fountain and head to ‘Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway’ by a bike. 

If you return the bike in a rental shop around the exit of City Hall Station gate 1, you can finally start a trip in Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway. The walkway uniquely harmonized with old and new things has a beautiful trail being considerate of pedestrians and leads you to freely walk and take a look at Seoul. Please finish to explore the history of Seoul while taking a walk in the fabulous walkway. 


‘DMC Park Course’ for Seeing the Glow of the Setting Sun in Seoul 

: Pyounghwa Park - Metasequoia Street - Observatory of Sky Park 

‘DMC park course’ is leading up to Pyounghwa Park - Metasequoia Street - Observatory of Sky Park.

Why don’t you see the sunset of Seoul by a bike? ‘DMC park course’ leading up from Seoul World Cup Stadium to Pyounghwa Park - Metasequoia Street - Observatory of Sky Park is good to see the sunset of Seoul and finish the trip after looking around typical parks of Seoul. The course has a lot of spots for photography that seems to be picturesque whenever pressing the shutter. This is also available to travel in 1,000KRW. 

'Pyounghwa Park’ is full of a large lake, green fields, and flower garden.

The first destination of this trip is ‘Pyounghwa Park.’ This park is inside of the Seoul World Cup Park and good to take your time because it is not as famous as Sky Park next to the park. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to see flowers in very large grass, lake, and flower gardens. You can recently see autumn flowers. 

Simple and Quiet 'Metasequoia Street'

It is time to rent a bike and go on a trip. You can rent it in a rental shop around the entrance of the Seoul World Cup Park. After then, when riding it along the Hangang River for about 10 minutes, you can reach 'Metasequoia Street.’ 

This street is small and simple and great to take a quiet walk. It is so long that it is the right thing to ride a bike. Please be welcomed by phytoncide of evergreen trees and enjoy riding it with joy. 

View the whole city from 'Observatory of Sky Park'

If you enjoy the street enough, the highlight of this trip is to view the sunset. When riding a bike in a bike lane through the Sky Park and Sunset Park in the Metasequoia street, you can see a bike rental shop in the back gate of Apts. 3 of Sangam World Cup Park. It takes only 12minutes to get there. After returning the bike, you need to head to ‘the Observatory of Sky Park’ where you can see the beautiful sunset. 

The Observatory of Sky Park located at the top of Sky Park is one of the best sites to see the scenery of Seoul. In particular, as the sun sets, the view might be the best work of the observatory. You can view various scenes of Seoul because it is possible to see luxurious downtown areas of Seoul in East and folding screen-like Bukhan Mountain in North. Seeing the sun setting, complete your romantic day! 


Seoul Bike Q&A

Even though a bike rental shop is full, you can definitely return the bike.

Q. What should I do if there is no bike in a bike rental shop? Couldn’t I check the number of bikes? 

A. You can’t check the number of bikes via app. However, you can do so with other apps. They are ‘Where is Seoul Bike?’ and ‘Smart Seoul Bike.’ Using two apps, check how many bikes are placed around you! 

Q. The rental shop is full. What should I do at this time? Do I need to find another shop? 

A. You don’t need to find another one. Release a left subsidiary locking device of the already returned bike and connect it to the right side of your bike. However, you need to check a prompt alert to complete the return and then move through. If your bike is not returned, it might be considered as stolen. 


“Seoul Bike is so good!”

It is nice to take a drive by a car for a trip, but sometimes, you might miss the romance of a bike tour. At this time, how about riding a bike and going on a trip in Seoul? It will take you all over the city as well as save our money. Enjoy Seoul by a bike! Strong points of Seoul Bike are countless. 

Credit to: Crowdpic, Seoul City Hall, Homepages of Cultural Heritage Administration of Changdeokgung and Cultural Heritage Administration of Gyeongbokgung, Naver Map, the editor concerned

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