Tourism in korea, Travel for Best Photo Shoot in a Filming Site of ‘Mr. Sunshine’
Tourism in korea, Travel for Best Photo Shoot in a Filming Site of ‘Mr. Sunshine’
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That Place in ‘Mr. Sunshine’ Arousing Desire to Travel!

When watching a popular tvN drama, ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ it makes us say ‘where are they?’ several times in one episode. Due to beautiful sceneries and traditional sites, it brings us to pack our bags as soon as possible and go to travel.
In fact, the drama filming sites are well known for travel destinations and photographers’ visits. These sites provide various experiential programs, and hence, it is interesting enough to do an experiential tour. If you don’t decide where to do for the summer vacation, why don’t you go to Mr.Sunshine filming site? Let’s take a look at four sites filming ‘Mr. Sunshine’ where it is picturesque in the drama.


Quiet and Still Pavilion above the Waterfall
An-dong ‘Manhyujeong’

What if are you going to travel to ‘Manhyujeong’ that appears in a teaser video of making a beginning of ‘Mr. Sunshine’? Manhyujeong was built by a literary artist in the Joseon Dynasty period, Kye Haeng Kim, who was involved in Literati Purge of 1498(Muosahwa) and went through lots of ordeals in order to live the rest of his life. This pavilion is as great as it means ‘late break’ for the rest, so there is no other place like this pavilion for the break.
It is required to park a car at the entrance of Manhyujeong and climb up the mountain about 200 meters because it is located in the middle of the mountain. As you start to sweat due to the hot sun, you can see a waterfall making the sound of running water. This is ‘Songam Waterfall’ just under Manhyujeong. While you are so surprised by the picturesque scenery of the waterfall, the heat might grow less intense due to the whitely breaking waterfall. 

If you cool off sweat in the waterfall, now, it’s turn to look around Manhyujeong. In order to enter into the pavilion, you need to cross a single log bridge. The birdge, which is the only one way to get into it, adds to the magnificent beauty of it. Something unnecessary is left out as much as possible as the pavilion constructed to enjoy a break. Thus, it does not look luxurious, but it seems graceful. 
A rock under the pavilion has inscriptions, ‘Bobaekdangmanhyujeongcheonseok (寶白堂晩休亭泉石).’ Kye Haeng Kim inscribed it by himself, and it means that if I have a treasure at home, this is clearness and cleanliness.’ It will be appropriate to get rid of complicated ideas and get a fresh and pure mind in the rock. 

Editor’s pick
Editor’s Recommended Photo Spot: Single Log Bridge 

This is the bridge where Yujin Choi (Byung-hun Lee) and Ae-shin Ko (Tae-ri Kim) met while he was going to visit his savior after he’s grown up in the drama. After taking a picture on the bridge, it is good to avoid the heat in the valley with water running down the bridge. The valley is dry so much because it doesn’t recently rain, but it is helpful enough to cool off the heat during the middle of summer. 

Address: 42, Mukgyehari-gil, Giran-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Contact: 054-856-3013
Parking: Parking Lot for Manhyujeong (free) 


Soldier Experience and Past Travel at a time
Nonsan ‘Sunshine Land’ 

‘Mr. Sunshine’ is based on the end of the Joseon Dynasty during the early 1990s. ‘Sunshine Land’ is one of major drama filming sites and is just as it was in the old days. The land is the Korea’s largest army life theme park and has various experience centers and filming sites. 
Among the sites, the drama has been filmed in ‘Sunshine Studio.’ Unfortunately, the drama plans to be filmed at the end of September, and hence, it is impossible to look around it. However, it’s too soon to be disappointed by it because there are more things to enjoy except for the land. 

The highlight of ‘Military Experience Center’ is a VR game. You can become a special operation force and be thrown into the action. It seems as if you were a main character in a movie because it truly feels real. If you would like to feel the real site of the battle, ‘Survival Experience Center’ is highly recommened. You can enjoy much more thrilling experiences because there are graphic set studios that seem as if you got into a popular game, ‘Sudden Attack,’ realistic sounds, and actual battle-like situations. If you want this experience, it is required to reserve it via a homepage. 
‘Drama and movie set studios’ are based on 1950s after the Korean war. It is every bit as good as an educational site for children because bullet marks, shell tracks, and scars of war are realistically reproduced in the studios. 

Editor’s pick
Edito’s Recommneded Photo Spot: Drama/Movie Set Studios

How about comforting yourself to look around the studios because you can’t see ‘Sunshine Studio’ filming ‘Mr. Sunshine’? A rice soup restaurant that made villagers fill up their stomach, theater full of people when a new movie was shown, and banner with anticommunism words remind the war generation of the homesickness of the old days and provide the new generation with the realistic historical sites. 

Address: 102, Bonghwang-ro, Yeonmu-eup, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
Contact: 041-746-8480
Operating Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (Nov-Feb till 17:00), Every Monday and Jan 1st Off
Parking: Parking Lot for Sunshine Land (free)


Pine Grove, Protect Wangneung
Kyungju ‘Samneung Grove’

‘Samneung Grove’ is where Yujin met Ae-shin’s grandfater, ‘Sa-hong Ko (Ho-jae Lee). The grove started to be widely known by fine tree series of Bae Bien-U who is a famous photographer. However, decisively, it got to be very famous because Elton John who is a very famous pop star bought his photographs. After then, Samneung Grove became well-known for a worldwide tourist spot. 
It’s supposed to be a historical site where tombs of kings of the Shilla Dynasty gather together. You can see tombs of Adalla of Silla, Shindeok, and Gyeongmyeong and and Kyungae Wangneung. Thus, it does not suffer by comparison with other destinations for a historical tour. 

However, the fine grove is much more famous than the historical site. It is required to park a car in a parking lot of the western Namsan and climb up along the mountainnering trail a little bit to get into the grove. It is located at the entrance of the trail and comfortable to walk up without sweating during the hot summer. 
When you go into the fine grove, you can see the windingly-directed uniquely upright fine trees densely filled with the grove. The sunlight through the trees are mysterically balance with the fine trees. In order to capture this scenery, photographers all over the country gather around here. In particular, when it is misty, it looks very myterious as if it seemed to look at an ink-and-wash painting. How about feeling mysterious about fine trees, Wangneung, and mist? 

Editor’s pick
Editor’s Recommended Photo Spot: Kyungae Wangneung

Take a picture of the scene of light shining through trees around ‘Kyungae Wangneung’ after the sun rises. Even though you are not familiar to take a great picture, you can be as good as a photographer because the scenery is so nice. A foggy condition is better, but do not miss out an excellent chance to get a beautiful photograph without mist and light. 

Address: Bae-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Contact: 054-779-6394
Parking: Parking Lot for the Western Namsan (2,000 KRW) 


Healing Attraction in the City 
Daegu ‘Keimyung Hanhakchon’

Keimyung University has Hanok Village that is not harmonious with the surrounding scenery in a university campus full of students’ freshness. This is ‘Keimyung Hanhakchon’ inside of the University. 
Keimyung Hanhakchon is a kind of folk village where Keimyung University reproduces old houses. It is modeled on Yangjindang of Hahoe Village in An-dong and Hyangdan of Yangdong Village in Kyungju and shows Korean traditional houses of the times. Therefore, Keyimyung Hanhakchon was selected as a hometown village of Ae-shin Ko in the drama. 

When taking a turn in the village, it seems as if you traveled the Joseon Daynasty period. It has the lofty gate, Jooilmoon that welcomes visitors, Keimyung Seodang that was used as an educational village school of students in the old days, Seonbi Bridge connecting between Keimyung Seodang and Keijeongheon, Keijeongheon that seems as if a nobleman of the Joseon Dynasty period lived, and a pond with one palace in the front yard. It is as great as anywhere like Folk Village. 
In the Keimyung Hanhakchon, car noises are less heard. You can feel relaxed while walking around here slowly because it is really quiet. There is no better than this place for people who need healing in the city. 

Editor’s pick
Editor’s Recommended Photo Spot: Keiheonjeong

Keiheonjoeng is used as a house of Ae-shin Ko in the drama. This shows off the Korean beauty as much as it is considered that everywhere is a great photo spot. How about being Tae-ri Kim for a while and taking a picture in front of the front entrance? You can definitely the best photo in your life. 

Address: 1095, Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea (Sungseo Campus) 
Hours: 08:00 - 17:00
Contact 053-580-6981
Parking: Parking Lot for Hanhakchon (1,000 KRW within 30 minutes, 300 KRW/10m after 30m)


Let’s travel before everywhere is crowded!
‘Mr. Sunshine’ continues to record the highest viewing rate itself. How about going to ‘Mr. Sunshine’ filming site before it is more famous than now? Capture the beautiful scenery in the drama with your eyes and camera. 

Photo: TVN 'Mr. Sunshine', Naver TV Cast of Mr. Sunshine, the City Hall of An-dong, Sunshine Land, Editor’s photos,  and others.

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